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    "Nathalie and her team of lawyers, engineers and economists, achieved a historic ruling in November 2013 when the Trade Tribunal of Toulon in France ruled against TÜV Rheinland"

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    "My clients expected an additional guarantee when they bought these CE certified implants. There were several alerts in PIP, and TÜV should have established a special supervision"

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    “All the women have been affected by these implants because they bought a product that did not meet the necessary quality and safety conditions"

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Who are we suing?

TÜV RHEINLAND is a German company that certifies the quality of products such as toys for children, electronic appliances and even nuclear plants.

They operate in more than 65 countries
They gross approximately €2.5oo million annually

In 2011, the scandal arose due to the very high number of ruptured PIP breast implants and for containing a gel that is not suitable for medical use. 

TÜV RHEINLAND certified the quality system of the manufacturer of these implants and enabled their sale for 9 consecutive years.

Despite being the only institution that had direct access to the production process information of the implants, TÜV RHEINLAND has refused to recognize any liability nor assume the health consequences of hundreds of thousands of women.




In 1999, Trilucent breast implants were taken off the market by order of the British Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency for not complying with the required quality and safety standards. TÜV had audited and certified the quality of these implants since 1995.

Doe Run Metallurgical Complex


In 2006, a claim was filed before the Inter-American Tribunal of Human Rights as a result of the serious levels of intoxication and pollution in the town of la Oroya, due to the waste management of the Doe Run Metallurgical Complex. That same year, TÜV certified that the waste management of the Doe Run Metallurgical Complex was in accordance with the environmental regulation of the zone.

Rana Plaza Factory in Bangladesh


In 2012, an 8-story building in Bangladesh collapsed killing around 1,130 people and injuring more than 2,000 people. A few months before, TÜV had audited the facilities of the factory without detecting the serious flaws in the structure of the building.

Wilmar Company in Malasia


In 2016, Amnesty International revealed cases of labor abuse and child exploitation by Wilmar Company in Malaysia. In 2011, TÜV had certified the sustainability in the production of palm oil by this company, without pointing out any of these anomalies in their audit reports.

Kobe Steel


In 2017, serious quality flaws were found in the copper and aluminum products manufactured by the Japanese company Kobe Steel, used to produce aircrafts, rockets and other high-risk products. For more than one decade, TÜV audited and certified the Management System of this company's factories without reporting these flaws.

TÜV RHEINLAND has managed to prevent these scandals from affecting its image or credibility without taking responsibility for the quality of the products it certified. We do not want the same to happen in the case of the implants. How much longer must the victims wait to receive compensation?


PIP breast implants have had a rupture rate 7 times higher than other implants.

In addition, they were produced with an unauthorized gel that splits into granules that spread throughout the body, making it almost impossible to entirely remove them.  

Internal survey with data of women from Colombia, England, Brazil, France, Australia, Argentina, Venezuela and Spain

  • 44%

    Of women have suffered implant ruptures

  • 32%

    Of women have not had surgery to remove the PIP implants

  • 64%

    Of women suffer from permanent anxiety because of using or have used said implants

  • 95%

    Of the women who have not had removal surgery, have not done it due to a lack of money

  • 68%

    Reported that their self-esteem was affected due to complications with the implants

  • 36%

    Of women reported that their work performance was affected by the implants

The current status of the claim

French Tribunals have recognized TÜV RHEINLAND's liability and have ordered them to pay each victim an initial compensation of 3,000 Euros to cover the medical expenses related to the PIP implants.

Our claims against TÜV RHEINLAND have gathered more than 7,000 victims:

2013We filed the first claim
2014We filed the second claim

In both claims, TÜV RHEINLAND was ordered to pay an initial compensation to our clients.

The Appeals Tribunal took back the second instance ruling which favored TÜV RHEINLAND and remitted it to the Paris Appeals Tribunal for revision. Said Tribunal is expected to issue a final ruling before the end of this year.


22.000 plaintiffs
from more than
55 countries

So far, TÜV RHEINLAND has had to pay:

around66 millionEuros


Hundreds of women underwent surgery and were affected by the PIP breast implants, which had a gel that was not authorized for use on humans.



Soon, we will present a new group of thousands of women who haven't claimed compensation yet.


If you are a woman who has or has had PIP implants

These are the 4 points you need to know:

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You still have time to file your claim with us. To be part of the biggest claim in the world, Sign up here

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More than 8,000 of our clients have already received their initial compensation of 3,000 Euros and are waiting for a final compensation

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The process to sign up and send the necessary documents is very easy. You can complete your process online in 7 minutes

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We assume the risk of the process and only receive payment when you get compensated

Who are we?

Lozano Blanco & asociados

We are a team of professionals from several fields who understand that the success of this case lies in going beyond legal matters.

We cover all the legal and technical complexities of the case in order to present the best arguments to the Tribunals, supported by the strongest evidence.

We have professionals dedicated to provide the best assistance to more than 10,000 women in 50 countries around the world.

We were the first ones in France to register a massive group of



We represent more than 10.000 women, of which, 7.700 have gotten to the French Tribunals and have received a

favorable ruling and a provisional compensation

The French Tribunals have ordered the payment of more than

23 Million Euros

of provisional compensation for the victims that we represent.




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